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  • Redis

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    Hibernate 5.2.9 发布,数据持久层框架

  • Hibernate 5.2.9 发布了。

    Hibernate 是一种 Java 语言下的对象关系映射解决方案。 它是使用 GNU 宽通用公共许可证发行的自由、开源的软件。它为面向对象的领域模型到传统的关系型数据库的映射,提供了一个使用方便的框架。Hibernate 也是目前 Java 开发中最为流行的数据库持久层框架,现已归 JBOSS 所有。



    [HHH-9114] - @IdClass with @MappedSuperclass results in "property not found"

    [HHH-11372] - Do not send RemoveExpiredCommands in repl/dist caches

    [HHH-11373] - Silence lock acquisition failures on remote nodes

    [HHH-11381] - In nonstrict mode, putFromLoad after evict can behave incorrectly

    [HHH-11397] - Query parameter binding validation issue

    [HHH-11470] - Schema update should not try to query sequences for Dialects not supporting them (DB2400Dialect, DerbyDialect, DB2390Dialect)

    [HHH-11477] - HQL query against field marked with @Lob fails on PostgreSQL

    [HHH-11502] - XML Mapped Entity with a ManyToOne association to a Annotation Mapped Entity -> NullPointerException

    [HHH-11503] - LimitHandler parameter binding fails on SQL Server 2012

    [HHH-11506] - Lazy properties are not updated on bytecode-enhanced entity if not all lazy properties (e.g. collections) are initialized

    [HHH-11510] - NativeQuery#iterate throws QuerySyntaxException instead of UnsupportedOperationException

    [HHH-11511] - QuerySyntaxException when sorting by a column using a JPQL reserved keyword

    [HHH-11516] - Level two cache may not be enabled when using @Cacheable without/instead of @Cache

    [HHH-11529] - Getting NullPointerException from ScanningCoordinator debug log

    [HHH-11536] - Fix unit tests failing on Oracle

    [HHH-11538] - Redundant left outer joins in generated SQL

    [HHH-11540] - Metamodel does not include embeddable type used in type variables

    [HHH-11545] - ForeignKey definition of @CollectionTable isn't properly used

    [HHH-11547] - Misspelling in documentation

    [HHH-11549] - Unable to locate MappedSuperclass version attribute when mixing annotations with hibernate mapping files

    [HHH-11554] - Inherited interfaces are not considered when creating EntityMetamodel

    [HHH-11555] - AbstractSharedSessionContract doesn't restore ExceptionConverter after de-serialization

    [HHH-11559] - Fix tests catching exceptions without re-throwing them

    [HHH-11560] - Envers throws a MappingException for Lob + ElementCollection for non-audited properties.

    [HHH-11570] - Hibernate Envers listeners fail because EntityManager is closed when using JPA/JTA/Hibernate 5.2.8/Envers


    [HHH-11089] - Naming Strategy Does not affect the user-specified index/foreign-key names

    [HHH-11143] - Log a warning if @Cache / @Cacheable specified on non-root entities

    [HHH-11473] - Refactor MySQL Dialects

    [HHH-11509] - Infomix limit handler support for offset

    [HHH-11518] - Log4DelegatingLogger slows down testsuite execution by formatting messages too eagerly

    [HHH-11530] - IdentityGeneratorExtendsTest.testIdentifierGeneratorExtendsIdentityGenerator failing on Oracle DBs

    [HHH-11551] - Forward IOException in ClassFileArchiveEntryHandler::toClassFile

    [HHH-11558] - Envers Query API throws NullPointerException when providing a non-audited entity class.

    [HHH-11563] - Avoid calling multiple times org.hibernate.mapping.Component#getComponentClass() during the PojoComponentTuplizer creation

    [HHH-11564] - ThreadLocal access in ManagedSessionContext does not need synchronization

    [HHH-11568] - Throw QueryException rather than antlr-specific exceptions when query parsing fails.


    Source code (zip)

    Source code (tar.gz)

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